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What we do at MacGuffin really depends on client needs.


And every client exists in their one-of-a-kind position for business development, growth and desire. ​


Some push hard for more.

​Others want to maintain what they have. All want to be efficient and smart with their money.

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Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “content is king.” It’s true . . . if you have the right content for the right audience. When you make the magic happen, that’s when new visitors find their way to your website through organic Google search. Your potential new customer found your page or your blog post because Google believes that page provides an answer to that person’s query.

This is SEO 101, and we can help you with that. MacGuffin provides expert evergreen pages, blog posts, landing pages, guide pages, white papers and more.

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Content Audits

Do you know what is on your website? Do you know what pages you like – and what pages don’t seem quite right?

Do you know which pages and blog posts perform? And the ones that are supposed to perform but don’t?


Do you know what “perform” really means?

Every page on your website has a goal.

Each one should deliver specific information that your visitors want or tell a story that they don’t yet know but that you want them to understand.

In addition, do you know what kinds of content you’re missing, elements that your competitors have on their sites and you don’t. 

Let us help you see not just where your gaps are but also where your opportunities are.

Let’s make your site so customer-focused that all you really have to worry about is how you’re going to service all the new business you’re going to generate!


Evergreen Pages

Evergreen pages are the spine of every website. They hold it upright. They make everything else possible. They are the foundational, building-block pages of content. If you have a tire business, your evergreen pages tell your customers about the tires you sell. About your record of customer service. About your warranties and guarantees.

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If you own a restaurant, your evergreen pages include one about your menu. Maybe about the history of your business. There may be a page about your chef or your weekly specials.

Every business is different, but all websites contain these basic pieces of content that set the groundwork for the business-customer relationship that is about to happen. Business owners understand this concept, but grasping it and executing it so that it improves your SEO, serves your clients and customers and ultimately generates more (or repeat) business are different skill sets.

That’s where MacGuffin comes in. Let us help you figure out your evergreen strategy and then start raising your bottom line.

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Blog Posts

Believe it or not, Google does not look at a website and distinguish between evergreen pages and blog posts.

Instead, web crawlers judge pages in terms of “user intent,” or why someone clicks on a particular link and whether that link delivers the expected information and quality.

In reality, blog posts should be different from evergreen pages.


They can be a snapshot in time, written to capture a specific event or development related to your business and your customers. They can also carry a stronger point of view and voice, delivering a message from you or someone else at you company that engages, enlightens and informs.

They should present a message that makes the reader click on something else, starting a pathway that ends with you selling your product or providing your service.

MacGuffin finds you someone who can help you tell your stories in a way that not only gives the message you want but does so in a way that represents your brand – and brand voice.


Landing pages are sales pages.

They can be long, short or in-between.


They have one purpose: to make the reader next click “learn more,” “submit,” “subscribe,” or “buy now.”


Landing Pages

We work with your web designers to create effective landing pages, ones that drive home your message and increase business. After all, that’s the point, isn’t it?

Landing Pages photo.jpg

Expert Pages

Expert pages, also called "guide pages," are another form of evergreen pages, but they have a special purpose. Guide pages are rich, full of facts and context. They’re among the most complete pages on someone’s website.

But they’re conceived and constructed to have broad appeal to your core audience and to others in the same industry as you. Guide pages exist so that others want to promote and have access to them – and to provide access to their customers and readers.

Guide pages are a link builder’s best friend because they drive links to your site. And you need links to your site to generate more organic traffic through search.

Guide Pages - photo.jpg

White Papers

White pages are exceptionally thought out and researched pieces of long-form content.


They’re specific to an issue or a position, and they provide fact-based evidence that supports a position.


All content takes planning and time. White pages require more of each to get them right. A few of our writers are white-paper experts, delivering detailed, documented and thorough papers that help you shape your message.

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News Articles

Our founder is a former newspaper reporter and editor who understands the fundamentals about creating cogent, informative news stories. Well-sourced, fact-based articles leave little room for argument about their content.


Website Help

We assist many business owners and web development companies with rewriting all or part of re-launched websites. We use keywords that will drive traffic and business, but we also capture the flavor and passion of the business.

These are fun projects for us because they always make the website owner feel good about the future.

Even better: We're usually able to turn around these projects quickly. As soon as we know the goal of the site, we're ready to roll, er, write!

Online Class

We also provide human resources support.


Wait, what?

It’s true. MacGuffin President Alan Schmadtke’s background includes time running an HR department at a tech company, we’re able to help with a variety of HR needs.

HR Support

Those include:


  • Recruiting

  • Handbook writing

  • Policy writing

  • Manager coaching

  • Background checks

  • Compensation analysis

Most clients engage us for recruiting, especially during this crazy job market where talent seems difficult to land. We work on a fee basis or an hourly rate, depending on the needed positions and the presumed length of the engagement.

We’ve re-worked handbooks and company policies based on the fast-changing office cultures following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hand-in-hand with that, we’ve connected with multiple managers who asked for training about how to motivate and keep star team members and how to manage underperformers.

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